Haste is the enemy of good handwriting. Some children try to quickly do the written assignments, hurrying to return to the games. So you need to set the child on what the job should be not just done but done correctly and accurately.

Key moment three:
1) the Child should sit upright in the correct position.

2) the Child must correctly hold a pen.

3) the Child must learn to coordinate finger movements and whole hand.
Children are often uncomfortable to write because the table is too high. Therefore, table (Desk) and chair need to choose accordingly to the growth of the child. The optimal distance between the chest and the table about 2 cm Leg to keep together, the back should be straight. It is also important that the handle was fixed. It should be on the middle finger closer to the tip. Thumb and index finger should hold it from the other side. The outer edge of the palm, little finger and wrist are used to support the hand while writing. In this position, the arm will not tighten and the child will not be tired. Also for rest of hands is recommended to do the exercises.
It is better to develop a child's correct posture when writing and teach you to comfortably hold the handle. Entrenched the wrong skills – dangerous enemies of beautiful handwriting.
How to learn to write beautifully
And, of course, an important factor in the development of beautiful handwriting is practice. Practice in writing in a special notebook. For preschoolers skills correct handling of the pen lays in the drawing. The child learns the proper grip of pencils and brushes, and then the kid takes this habit to the treatment pen.
Previously, to develop a beautiful handwriting used fountain pens. Now you can also use a pen with a thin rod. The main thing is to handle depending on the pressure varied the line thickness. This will help your child to develop calligraphic handwriting.
How to learn to write beautifully
However, the most important condition is the desire of the child. You can create the competition element. And, despite the fact that to obtain good results, you need to demands from parents, be sure to praise the child for his success. Then he wants to write beautifully and faster to learn this.
How to learn to write beautifully