You will need
  • Copybook, notebook, pen, pencils
Exercise with your child in 3-4 years. These classes should be aimed at the development of fine motor skills. For this fit modeling clay, coloring, blocks, pyramids. Teach your child to trace the pattern along the contour, shade shape within its boundaries. It is also important to teach your baby to hold a pencil, pen, marker. Explain that holding a pencil is required with thumb and middle finger, and the index it is only necessary to hold it from the top.
Start learning to write with writing printed letters. The child's fingers were not ready yet to draw complex curlicues and squiggles that make up capital letters of the Russian alphabet. Only after making sure that the kid knows how to read, write in block letters, you can begin to learn beautiful writing.
Buy special recipe. The letters in them are marked with a dotted line. Trace the dots and watch as they transform into beautiful letters, like many children. In addition, the ABC's for preschoolers and first graders are not only letters, but also different sticks, wavy lines, geometric shapes, patterns, images. Looking around them, the kid will train the fingers and eventually be able to write beautiful letters on a clean sheet without the help of dotted lines.
Purchase a fountain pen, which is charged with this ink. There is a perception that the use at the time of writing this pen is able to fix ugly handwriting even in an adult. In addition, the kid will be proud that this gun letters as his, no more, none of the guys, because fountain pens are now not popular.
Watch how the child sits in the classroom. Correct posture, comfortable chair, a table the right height will ensure half of the success in the development of beautiful handwriting. The baby does not have low to lean over the notebook, to lie with his chest on the table, elbows should be on the table, not hung from it. Pencil writing must look in the right shoulder.