The first tip is very simple – the more you read good books, the better you will be to develop the ability to beautiful, easily and clearly Express their thoughts and translate them into an art form. Read more – it will expand your horizons, increase vocabulary, and allow you to feel more different manners, belonging to different writers.
It is best to read the classics, as well as books by contemporary authors, internationally recognized as models of style and original plot. Choose to read novels and stories written by bright, literate and stylish language. The more you read, the more you will develop a sense of literary style. Besides art, read scientific literature which deals about the art of creative writing. Some theoretical data would be very useful if you resolve to learn to write beautifully.
Another tip is that you should be well practiced before you start any new text that was the plan. Always make a plan of future publication – this will allow you to structure thoughts and ideas, to spread them out, sort them, determine what you will say in the beginning of the article, and that – in the end. Your text should describe the place of action, the reasons for this action, the action itself and finally the consequences or the conclusions of your.
Learn how to correctly and logically build their texts to be beautiful and interesting. Do not deviate from the main topic about which you are writing, and don't go overboard with complex terms and long sentences. Write concisely and try to speak only about the main thing, avoiding minor and unimportant points.
Strive to maximize meaningfulness and completeness in a small volume of the finished article, the modern readers prefer short and don't like to spend a lot of time reading certain texts.
Follow the purity of the language. Do not use in the texts of colloquial and warlike vocabulary, write a stylistically correct, follow the rules of grammar and spelling. Hold in the text, removed the author's position, but it does not highlight your own opinion as the only truth, don't try to preach or condemn readers and avoid offending. The text should be beautiful, gentle and simple, attracting the attention of any person.
Avoid excessive repetition of interjections and pronouns "I" and tautology. Below the text there are no redundant words (tautologies), look for words synonyms and make sentences without repetition. Finally, in order for training to be effective, regular practice – create a blog and constantly post it notes, communicating with readers and watching their reaction to your texts.