For a start, take the right body position. To do this, sit up straight in a chair, his head slightly tilt forward. If you're right handed, put your left hand on the table and move it to the part of the body weight, at the same time hold that hand paper. If you are left handed, move the fulcrum on the right arm. The hand that you write should barely touch the table surface.
Take a writing tool – a pen or stylus - handed. With your thumb press the handle to the nail phalanx of the middle finger. The index slightly bend and hold the top handle. Keep writing instrument in the hand without stress.
The remaining two fingers relax and unfold - too much tension in them will interfere with the smooth movements of the hands. Check the correct position of the handle with the other hand pull it out for the top end. If it slides freely, it means you're doing it right.
Start training in calligraphic writing letters, spending on paper, free-form lines. First write angle of 30 degrees, then angle at 45 and 90 degrees. It is important to learn to keep the tilt at a given angle. Consistency: you need to write only top down and from left to right.
Practice writing the letter "o", every line spend at one time and accurately connect abutting line. It is necessary to write rounded characters. At the time of writing do not change the position of the hand, as the angle can change.
Learn how to write a strictly vertical strokes. When writing the bar do not depend on the previous one, if he changed the angle of the line strokes can be tilted. Follow the breath, and touches of paint on the exhale. Avoid too fast and too slow movements, choose a convenient rhythm of writing.

Calligraphy writing requires a certain determination from the author, and is the result of persistent training.