Advice 1: How to fix the handwriting of a child

Lot of trouble can bring a person sloppy handwriting: the underestimation of the Russian language in school, unreadable by wrote lectures at Institute or College. Problems can occur at the doctor due to the fact that he can't make out what he wrote before in the history of the patient. That similar situations did not arise in the future, it is necessary to make correction of the handwritingand your child as early as possible. It is necessary to observe some rules and to perform special exercises.
How to fix the handwriting of a child
You will need
  • Worksheets, pencils.
Look at how the child sits. Correct posture is not only a guarantee that the baby will not have problems with the spine, but also the fact that he doesn't have to make the extra effort when inputting letters. If pressure on the handle is too strong, then you need to do a light massage of hands and shoulders your little student. Houses need to write in the rough draft pencil only.
If the pressure on a pencil is very weak, you need to do special exercises to strengthen muscles in your fingers. You also need to write and draw with pencils.
If the problem is that the letters and then out beyond the lines, the words themselves in the line don't want to be within the boundaries of the printed lines, it is necessary, first, to buy notebooks with brighter lines, or draw them yourself. Second, it is best to go back to the letter in their notebooks with a diagonal line.
If the lines or elements of letters a child displays insecure, then you need to buy a notebook, which is used in kindergarten and at the beginning of the study in the first class. In these notebooks much attention is paid to prescribing a variety of lines: slanting, dashed curves. Drawing various figures proposed in the notebook, will help the child practice one more time in tracing elements of letters and numbers. To consolidate the results and development of muscles responsible for the accuracy of small movements of the hands, need to pay attention to sculpting from clay or salt dough, finger games, including shadow theatre, of an application.

Advice 2: To change the handwriting - really?

Have a good handwriting is also a skill of its kind. One is just because they so effortlessly create a calligraphic record, the other right hand – the result of hard work.
To change the handwriting - really?


Formation of handwriting, ability to write letters occurs in elementary school – that's when the first teacher prints the chalk on the Board sticks and squiggles, the technique faces which are trying to master yesterday's kindergartners. Turns out not at all. The reasons for this mass. For example, restlessness, impatience, lack of effort, etc. In the end, immature ugly handwriting, which in subsequent years will be to scold the teacher. However, do not despair: even an adult when you have a great desire and patience can fix the handwriting, if not brought to perfection, then at least significantly improve.

It is sufficient to follow a few rules. First, the success in improving handwriting starts with a well-organized workplace. Before class, prepare a Desk for your child or your own. The surface must be flat and smooth, is wide enough that your elbows are not hanging.

Secondly, there are special tracing, which collected samples of calligraphic lettering. And even if you're long out of childhood, use them.

Thirdly, the common reason for wrong ugly handwriting is a wrong location of the fingers on the handle. It is important to know that a ballpoint pen have to hold with three fingers: thumb, index and middle. The only way. By the way, and the tool – handle – also plays a role. The hand should be comfortable and convenient to keep it. Be prepared that you will need to experiment with different pens. Believe me, with the new version of the handwriting will vary.

If you are with your baby, it is best to show him how to write a particular letter. He repeats after you.

Of course, this algorithm requires a lot of time and perseverance. But the result is sure to be, and you will be able beautifully to sign documents, fill out forms, write a greeting in a postcard.


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