You will need
  • paper;
  • handle;
  • the special recipe.
If you want to learn to write beautifully, use this way. Take a sheet of paper, a pen and start writing. While only one letter. This depicts her as many times as you need to have the result like. In this exercise, it is not forbidden to fill a whole sheet, and not one to achieve their goal. However, this method is quite time consuming, because in this way you need to practice all the letters of the alphabet, and it will take a lot of time. But the result is worth it. Although it will still be far from the basics of calligraphy.
How to learn to write beautiful handwriting
Another way you can learn to write beautifully, to buy a school copybook. Are used by first-graders. In them all the letters and their details are described as they should be written according to the laws of calligraphy. Don't forget to follow what it is you are working: according to the rules of writing to create the words you need with the help of hands and shoulder, not the wrist, as many are accustomed. Because the letter using the muscles of the hand helps to make the words more equal and the movements more fluid, which gives a certain roundness to the letters. And be sure to watch your posture: beautiful love letters are not hunched and gnarled. To sit in the excercise of calligraphic handwriting a must with a flat back and with a sufficient distance between the eyes and writing paper.
How to learn to write beautiful handwriting
Practice to begin to popisyat in the air defined lines and contours, and only then transfer them to paper. Experts assure that this method helps to make the letters more clear and smooth. At first it will be difficult, because the elbow will always be in tension. But if you will write for 10 minutes, the voltage will go.
To train your handwriting, write it all down, I can only handwritten way, without a computer or typewriter. This will help you to control your handwriting and is good for developing hand muscles and coordination. Another way how you can learn to write beautifully, to take different writing instruments. To do this, fit the handle with the wide end, colored pencils, markers. They will help you pick up some artistic features to your handwriting.
How to learn to write beautiful handwriting