You will need
  • - recipe;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - ball point pen;
  • paper in a line and in a cage.
Rate your writing and identify its shortcomings. Honestly answer yourself the question, are they picky, exactly do you write letters and their elements. Think also about what kind of handwriting would you like. You may have to learn new elements of the letters. Better to do it immediately, to be retrained several times absolutely no reason.
Learning calligraphy is not much different from teaching writing to first grader. Get the recipe. You can buy them or download from the Internet and print. Try the same sequence, in which previously taught children. Take care of proper posture. Sit straight, put the sheet slightly inclined, take the pencil correctly.
Write a few lines of writing sharpened pencil. Imagine that you are just learning to write. Try to write all the elements exactly, precisely observing the proportions and inclination. If you control the process, it will be enough one or two letters with a pencil.
Write a few lines in pencil-vstavochki and simple ink. Start with the elements of letters, then write a fully letters, lowercase and uppercase. If you want to decorate your future handwriting with some flourishes on the capital letters, get to know them now. Most importantly, write smoothly, following the tilt and pressure. The height of the letters must also be smooth, so first write the recipe in two lines.
Try to write something on the paper. Try to keep the height of the letters is approximately equal to 2/3 of the cell. Let the vertical stripes you are not confused, write letters with the tilt you've chosen. Carefully follow the letters and pressure.
Having mastered the letter on the sheets in the cell, go to the notebook in the same line. Try to observe the height of the letters, in beautiful handwriting is about 1/3 of the distance between the bars or a little more. The height of the capital letters almost comes to above the line.
Try to write a few lines with a pen. Write the elements of letters, and the words or small texts. Follow the height of the letters, ratio of height and width. Beautiful print elements compounds.
Go for a ballpoint or gel pen. Follow all the same rules as you would with pencil and fountain pen. Beautiful pressure characteristic fountain pens, when working with a ballpoint is less noticeable, but doing it anyway. Beautiful letters are obtained only in the case if your movements are correct and accurate.
Going for a ballpoint pen, control the process. Try not to look at the notebook. Think for a while about the content of the text, not about how it will look on the worksheet. Then see what you get. If you stopped to carefully consider how you write, and the letters still come out crisp and beautiful, it's all right. If distracted, you cease to write correctly, you need some more time to closely monitor classes.