You will need
  • Comfortable working Desk, pens, notebooks, computer, Internet access, printer.
Set up your work space. To develop a beautiful handwriting, will have to train several hours a day, so be careful about the convenience, not at the moment, when you get a sore back and eyes. Beauty written in the first place, depends on the correct position of the body. So pick up the chair on which you sit comfortably, the neck will not tighten. The back of the chair should be rigid. Remember that both feet must stand firmly on the floor, so pick a chair with adjustable seat height. Lighting is also very important. It is desirable that the table was by the window, and the light should fall from the opposite writing hand side.
Purchase consumables. You will need a ballpoint pen (plain, blue, transparent, any recommended first-graders). Later, when you will get beautiful letters, it is better to go with a ballpoint pen on the pen, take care of buying it in advance. You will also need a notebook with a diagonal line to unlearn from flourishes and to develop the inclination, and later will not need a lot of lined A4 sheets.
Download some calligraphic font and install it into the system. Very suitable for these purposes, the font Primo. Open any text or graphic editor and write the downloaded font favorite poem. Adjust the font size, spacing, and other parameters so that the line was similar to the handwritten, and print the result. Put on top of the sheet with printed verse clean sheet of paper and carefully trace the words. Every hour of workouts like try to write on their own, without backing.
When handwriting will more or less emerge, sit down to rewrite your favorite story. Completely having filled a couple of notebooks with a diagonal line, keeping the slope, start generating handwriting on a completely clean sheet. By this time it is already possible to defer a ballpoint pen and take the pen. If every day to allow sufficient time for the exercise of his handwriting, then after one to two weeks, your letters will never know.