According to TK the Russian Federation from 30.12.2001 №197-FZ, every employee is entitled to paid annual leave with retention of position and salary. It should be 28 calendar days. There is also an annual additional paid vacation, provided the categories of employees who work in harmful or dangerous labor conditions, as well as having long working hours. Additional leave is granted in the far North and equated localities. The duration of leave is calculated in calendar days.
Holidays included in vacation, the number of calendar days of leave are not included. In work experience, which affects the duration of leave include:
the days of actual stay in the workplace;
- weekends and public holidays;
- forced absence (time of suspension for any good reason);
The procedure for calculating the number of days of leave:
When leave of 28 calendar days for each month during the year, accounted for 2,33 calendar day of the leave. This figure is obtained by dividing days holiday (28) on the number of calendar months (12). Note that the Fes allows you to leave rounding to whole numbers in a big way. It turns out that for every month since employment, the employee receives holiday pay of 2.33 days.
By mutual consent of employer and employee the annual paid leave may be divided into parts, but one of them should not be less than 14 days. According to article 136 of TK of the Russian Federation the calculation and payment of paid leave is not later than three days before it starts.