You will need
  • pen, paper
Determine exactly when you will be able to take a vacation and how many days you are supposed to under the law. According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation paid annual leave lasts 28 calendar days may be granted after 6 months after you found a job in a new workplace. The concept of "calendar days" includes weekends, but not holidays. There are a number of special categories of employees who are eligible for extra vacation days.
Next, calculate your average earnings. It should be considered, given their salaries for the past 12 full months before release. When calculating consider all income, i.e. salary, bonuses, fees, etc. But not count sick leave, vacation pay, and financial assistance. The amount you got in the end, it is necessary to divide by the number of days actually worked by you in the billing period. The resulting amount is the cost of one day of vacation. Please note that if the company you worked for less than a year, the count output should be the number of actual months worked.
In the case of a calculation period scheduled pay increases the amount of income is multiplied by pre-calculated coefficient, which is equal to the sum of the new wage to old. The ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of the new salary in the amount of the old salary.
To find out the final amount of holiday pay, the cost of one day of vacation and multiply by the total number of calendar days of your vacation.
Note that under the law, holiday pay must not be paid later than three days before the first day of your vacation. In case of default of this provision the employee is entitled to transfer the holiday home to any other selected period.