Before calculating the property will review the personnel files. Newly staged footage are entitled to first vacation six months from the date of employment. But article 122 of the labour code provided that workers can take unscheduled leave until the expiration of the term with the consent of the employer.
Please note that for different categories and ages of workers by law have their own vacation dates for a year of work (article 137 of the labour code). Compare all these data with your employees: for individuals under 18 years of age - minimum vacation 31 calendar days; employees of children's and educational institutions have the right to rest for 48 days; at least 30 days are provided to civil servants; 30 days plus travel expenses allocated for prosecutors.
Make sure that the first two weeks of the statutory legal holiday, the employee took one cut, in accordance with article 125 of the labour code. But the rest of the half he could use at their discretion and to take parts.
If your business is located in the far North or is hazardous (article 68 of the LC RF), counting vacation, add to the standard minimum of three days. The employee also may use a longer period for vacation, but in any case not less.
Separately calculate leave for those who work in irregular schedule (article 68 of the LC RF). These employees are entitled to additional leave, which can take as a major and when they will be comfortable.
Start the calculation of the leave in advance. In accordance with the law (article 123 TC RF) the vacation schedule must be prepared no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the calendar year.
Make an order for the purpose of vacation. Familiarize the employee against signature with this order no later than two weeks prior to its release. This is spelled out in part 3 of article 123 of the TC RF.
If it matches, that employee needs to leave at a time when production requires his presence at the workplace, agree with him to move his home away from home. And make sure this vacation was used in the next year.