For every year of employment to the employee entitled to a minimum of 28 calendar days of vacation. This number can be increased if the workplace is located in the Extreme North or equivalent districts. Additional leave based on the employees who work with dangerous and harmful working conditions. From this it follows that for each month the employee is provided with a 2.33 day holiday (28 days/12 months).
Compensation is calculated on the basis of average daily wage. For calculation is the average number of days in the month to 29.4. First add up all the payments that have been accrued by an employee for time worked. The resulting number, divide by 12 months (if year is worked out completely) and the figure of 29.4.
The resulting number will be the average daily wage. Now this figure multiply by the number of days of leavethat the employee has not used. The resulting amount shall be paid to the employee as compensation in case of dismissal.
If the calculation of seniority, be aware that the days when the employee was on leave without pay, may be included in experience only if their number does not exceed 14 days.
If the employee worked for a month not completely round figure. That is, if according to the sheet of accounting of working time, he actually was present at 14 days – a month is excluded from the experience.
Will pay the amount of compensation on the day of dismissal. In that case, if the employee was absent on this day, the work you pay him when he comes for the workbook.
When calculating the days of vacation , consider the fact that round the figure can only be in a big way. That is, if according to the calculations it is necessary to 17.3 days of leave, take this number in 18 days.