Calculate the number of days of unused vacation shall be in accordance with the actual period of operation during which vacation has not been used.
If the employee worked less than 1 month, compensation for the vacation not paid.
Employees working under fixed-term or temporary contract, shall be paid 2 days of vacation for each month worked.
Those who are retiring, having worked at the company for 11 months, compensation should be paid for the entire vacation, that is, 28 calendar days, if the working conditions do not provide otherwise.
If the employee leaves, having not completed one year, then the number of days of vacation and divide by 12 (28:12=2,33) and multiply by the number of months worked. If the last working month worked less than 15 days, the compensation for that month is not paid. If more than 15 days, compensation shall be paid for the entire month.
In cases where the employee took unpaid leave for more than 14 calendar days, compensation not paid for the whole month that is one month discharged from the calculation.
Accrual for unused leave are made based on average earnings over 12 months or for the actual period of work. The amount for average-earnings calculation includes only cash funds, which held the income tax. Payments received for social security benefits in the calculation of average earnings are not included.