You will need
  • - the sheet of accounting of working time.
First I should say that the annual paid leave of the employee can be divided into parts, one of which shall not be less than 14 days. Also in the calculation of vacation, public holidays should be excluded from it. For payment they not subject.
The first thing you need to do is to determine the period for which the vacation is granted. The "start point" is the first work day after employment, and if you have already used the yearly vacation, the first working day after the holiday.
Add up all the days when you were at work. Add the days of forced truancy, weekends and holidays, and also the time when you were absent from work for a valid reason less than 14 days.
Under the Labour code, the duration of the annual vacation of 28 calendar days per working month employee relies 2.33 day of rest. This figure is derived as follows:28 days/12 months=2.33 day
Thus, to calculate the number of days allotted vacation 2,33 multiply the number of months worked in the period. What to do if the month is not worked out completely? In this case, you must round a number, that is, if you worked in the month to 15 days, include him in seniority, and Vice versa.
For example, the employee worked for the company for six months, while in the same month he was absent from work for 10 days for a good reason. A vacation that is put to him for the year is 28 calendar days. Thus, the calculation of the position of rest will look as follows: 6 months*2.33 day=13,98. According to Rostruda, rounding the resulting number can only be in a big way. The employee on leave with a duration of 14 days.