Determine eligibility for vacation. When will the 6 months after employment, can serve to rest. If you want to leave early, according to the Labour code should come under one of the categories (pregnant women, minors, etc.) If you are not the first year, then go to rest in accordance with the schedule at any time of the year.
Calculate the required number of days. Once a year every worker is entitled to paid leave with a duration of 28 calendar days. Employees working in certain occupations such as law enforcement agencies (30 days), education (56 days) and other days annual holiday increasing according to the laws in these industries. Have the right to divide it into several parts so that the first part of the vacationand there were at least 14 calendar days. Other days take, at its discretion, at once or dividing them into several parts.
Order granting leavesoglasno schedule the employee for two weeks prior to it comes to notice. Write the application addressed to the Director and leave to rest with a specified date. Payment of vacationtion takes place not later than 3 days before the holiday. In the case of non-compliance by the company of the procedure of its granting and accrual of vacationdata, use it to another more convenient period.
Determine the duration of the leaveAON escalate in calendar days, that is, it includes weekends. But the rest is automatically extended if it falls on public holidays (only those that are defined by the state as "red days of a calendar"). These days not include in the calculation of vacationtion. If during your stay on vacation, get sick, don't forget to take sick leave, as in these days of vacation interrupted. The remaining days in this case, take any other time.
Calculate the average zarabotayut it by summing income over the last 12 months preceding the leave. This amount does not include leaverelated payments, financial aid, payments for sick leave and others. This amount divide by the number worked during the year days. So calculate the sum of 1 day of rest. If you work less than a year, the calculation take only proven months. If the company during this time all employees increased wages, then the amount of income multiply by the percent of increase. Amount received in one day multiply the number of days of vacation.