To calculate the number of days of statutory leave, calculate the period for which the employer must grant the vacation. For this you can use the sheet of accounting of working time.
Add up all the days in the month when the employee actually attended work or was absent for a good reason. In that case, if the number of days in the month more than 15 days, the period part of the experience, and if it is less, is excluded.
Determine the amount of payments during this period. To do this, use the payroll card or open account 70. Remember that of the total amount should exclude material benefits, sick pay or benefits for child care.
Count the number of prescribed days of vacation. Usually for this purpose take the figure of 2.33 (get it with the provisions dividing the total days of leave per calendar year: 28 days/12 months=2.33 days). This number is multiply by the number of months worked. For example, an employee worked for 8 months. During this period he is supposed to: 2,33*8 months=18,4 days. Rostrud allowed to round this number upwards. Thus, the employee is supposed to 19 days holiday.
In that case, if the employee has previously used part of the holidays (in advance), then subtract that number from the total number of days the position of rest. Leave without pay is not counted in the calculation of the basic annual paid vacation.
If you need to calculate the vacation payment amount, calculate the amount of the employee's average earnings. For this the sum of all payments divided by the number of months in the experience and by 29.4 (the average number of days in the month).
Will pay the employee vacation pay in full three days before it starts. Complete this operation payment calculation sheet and swipe in accounting.