You will need
  • calendar;
  • - schedule of public holidays for the current year.
Such a stratagem possible, if the leave falls on public holidays. According to the law these days in its duration does not include, and in practice this allows the employee to postpone the date when he must begin his duties with the number of holidays that fell on his vacation. True, and vacationtion will pay no more than usual: for the holidays, this payment is not supposed to.
For example, a vacation of 14 calendar days, the corresponding order, is available from may 1. For the period from 1 to 14, inclusive, may have two public holidays: 1 and 9 may.
Thus, because these two days to leave , you cannot enable its 14-day deadline is not 14, and 16 may. So should be out on may 17 if this date does not fall on a weekend.
Another tactic to increase the actual duration of leaveand take it strictly from Monday (or first working day after the holidays). If the company operates on a standard schedule, that is, last working day - Friday, at the conclusion of the work in named day with a clear conscience, forget about it until the day that you want it back.
It in any case gives you the right to walk actually 16 days: Saturday and Sunday, and leave Monday starts.
For example, in 2011, reviewed may 1 fell on a Sunday. Because the official non-working day was 2 may. Because the employee has taken vacation from may 3, to return to duty must may 19. And actually began to relax, as someone who took a vacation from 1 may, 30 APR.
So the one whose vacation began on 1 may 2011, in fact, legally rested for 16 days, from 3 may 2011 - 18.