You will need
  • the sheet of accounting of working time;
  • - personal cards of employees;
  • - calculation and payroll;
  • calculator.
First and foremost, you should look into a personal card will erasednika (unified form No. 2) date of last vacation. If he used his right in the last calendar year, but has not done it completely, you will calculate the remaining days.
According to the labor law, every employee has the right to take leave is 28 calendar days. Thus, for each month worked the employee is entitled to 28 days/12 months=2.33 day.
You have to calculate the period for which you must give rest days. On the basis of timesheet time count the days when the employee if youhave attended at work or absent for a valid atthe rank (no more than 14 days). If in a calendar month they were developed less than 14 days, this period is excluded from total seniority.
Once you have determined the number of months in the billing period, multiply this number by 2.33 days. For example, the employee worked for 10 months. Thus, he is entitled to 10*2,33 ≈ 24 days.
Now from that number subtract the number of days he was celebrated in a calendar year. For the remaining days will pay compensation. For its calculation will determine average daily wage.
Add up all the payments that were paid to the employee in a calendar year. Divide by the number of months in the billing period, then divide by 29.4 (the average of the average number of days in the month). Onatmeasures employee for 10 months was paid 100000 R. Thus, 100000/10/29,4 ≈ 340,14 rubles a day.
To calculate the compensation resulting number multiply by the number of days of unused vacation. Onwiththe measures in the above-mentioned atleast the employee relies 340,14*24=8163,36 R.