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What is the number of days of unused vacation? This is the period for which the employee subject to dismissal, paid monetary compensation. According to the online resource for accountants www.buh.rufor calculating the number of days holiday you need to know about the General experience will erasednika in the organization, the presence and duration of periods outside the experience that gives you the right to leave. It is also important to consider the length of the laid him on holiday and know how many days of leave the employee already used to the time of dismissal.
Count the number of full months and days of service in the organization. Start with the first and finish the day of the dismissal. When calculating do not take into account absenteeism. It is important to note that the number of hours worked, which was not a full month, rounded to the month, if there are 15 days. For example, an employee has worked 9 months and 18 days. This means that compensation will be paid for 10 months. The amount of days for unused vacation is calculated using the formula: 28 / 12 x 10 = 23,33, where 10 is the number that indicates the months worked during the period 12 – number of months on the calendar, 28 – number of calendar working days in a month.
If the employee worked in the organization a full 11 months (excluding the month of vacation), counted as years of service, which entitles you to vacation, the employee's right to receive full compensation for unused vacation.
If the employee worked in the organization less than six months, in accordance with the text of the letter of Rostrud dated 23.06.2006 N 944-6, the employee receives compensation for unused leave in accordance with established procedure. In this case, the number of days of unused vacation is calculated by the above formula (step 2).