Advice 1: How to calculate holiday pay

The Labour code of the Russian Federation noted that all employees who have worked for at least six months are entitled to paid leave. For most professions such leave within 28 days, working with disabilities – 30 days, and to teachers and educators – 56 days. Employees of power structures have a vacation that increases with increasing seniority.

The calculation of vacation payment is carried out based on the article No. 139 of the Labour code. However, if someone wants to know in advance how much it will pay vacation, he can do himself. How can you consider selling yourself?

For a start, calculate how much you have received over the last twelve months, then this number divide by the number of months in year (12), and then again divide by the average number of days per month (equivalent to 29.4 days). The resulting number multiply by the number of vacation days, and you will receive the amount of vacation pay that you are entitled to under the law.

For clarity, how exactly to consider vacation to give a small example.

Let's say you make $ 10 000 a month. The first four months you were paid 7000 rubles. It turns out that over the past 12 months you received: 7000*4+10000*8 = 108 000 rubles. This amount is divided first by 12 and then 29,4: 108 000 : 12 : 29,4 = 306,12. That is, your average salary per day - 306 rubles 12 kopecks. Now this number multiply by 28 days ' holiday (for most employees). Have 306,12*28 = 8571,36 . Total, you need to 8571 ruble 36 kopecks.

If the last month was not worked out until the end, vacation over the past 12 months are calculated as follows: 11 months multiplied by 29.4 (the average number of days in the month), and the number of days that were worked out last month by 1.4. The resulting works are summed, and the sum is divided by the earnings last less than 12 months then came a number is multiplied by the number of holiday days.

For example, if the employee in the last 12 months received 100 000, however up to 12 working months is not enough 20 days, that is, he worked 11 months and 10 days, his salary is calculated: 100 000 : (11*29,4+10*1,4)*28 = 8298,75, that is, he will get 8 298 rubles and 75 kopecks.

And last, we need to remember that the above calculations take into account only the income that accrued to the employee during the course of their employment; dividends, financial aid, loans, which in these months was assessed in a salary employee, do not count.

Advice 2 : How to determine the period of leave

The sequence of granting of holidays organization in accordance with article 123 of the TC RF establishes a special schedule for a strictly standardized form. Such a schedule is always done as a local normative act. It is binding on both parties - the employer and his subordinates.
How to determine the period of leave
Are you an employer and don't know how to normalize the order granting leave and to determine their periods for their employees? First, make a point about the mandatory use of vacation according to the schedule in the work rules and fix this provision in employment contracts. Second, making a schedule, notify about the time of the start of the leave for each employee under the painting. When scheduling vacations, consider particularities of the classification of holidays according to the Labour code.
There are the following types of leave:
- paid annual (basic and additional);
- leave without pay;
- educational leave;
- leave for pregnancy and childbirth;
- leave to care for a child;
- leave to employees who adopt children.
When scheduling vacations, keep in mind that certain categories of workers, the duration of the holidays are different:
- workers under the age of 18 vacation - 31 calendar days;
- seasonal workers - 2 days per month of work;
- employees with disabilities (of any group) is not less than 30 calendar days;
- teaching staff vacation 42-56 calendar days;
- workers associated with work with chemical weapons - 49 and 56 calendar days;
- professional emergency rescue services and units is 30-40 days.
Analyzing the structure of employees in your organization, identify the category of those persons who are on vacation.
- all employees (including part-time: article 287 of the labor code);
- seasonal workers (article 295 of the labour code);
- persons working under fixed-term employment contracts for up to 2 months (article 291 of the LC RF);
- homeworkers (article 310 of the labour code).
The holidays can be provide after 6 months of work without interruption. The period of probation in this half-year included.
By agreement of employer and employee the leave can be granted before the expiration of 6 months (article 122 TC RF).
Legal leave (28 working days) includes non-working days. The exception of public holidays.
If the employee does not want to lose a few weekend days included in the period of 28 calendar days, he may divide it into two parts. But in this part must include at least 14 calendar days.
Useful advice
The vacation schedule is approved taking into account opinion of the trade Union body, if any in the organization two weeks before the onset of the calendar year.

Advice 3 : For what period of work accrued holiday pay

As a rule, every year the workers and employees of labour law the right to paid leave. The enterprise accounting-employer in advance gives a holiday. However, few people can understand and calculate the amount, for the payment of an annual legal holiday.
For what period of work accrued holiday pay
The issue of calculating the amount of vacation pay, many have come to depend on the knowledge and experience of the accountants that this procedure is actually doing. Even if the competence of an accountant is difficult to question, no it will not hurt to log in and personally look into the process of calculating "blood". Besides, it can help not only to avoid various errors in the calculation process, but also gives the opportunity to plan the budget for the upcoming event.

Rest time

The right to rest, any person is employed of the employer at least half of the calendar year. The period allotted for vacation, is equal to the average 28 days, but there are other options, for example, increased length of stay due to adverse working conditions, irregular hours of the day and so Such information should be discussed with the Director or the chief accountant, besides, does not put open and employment contract, where such subtleties are spelled out.

Calculate the vacation payment

A charge amount of vacation produces an accountant, he took the average annual earnings of an employee and the valid period of its activities. These two elements determine the future amount of vacation as cash.
Holiday at the request of the worker can compensate for unused vacation.

It may seem that the calculation period is the value of the permanent, and its not cause much difficulty. In fact, the average-earnings calculation happens to all of the past 12 months of the year, which would see various events and changes, for example, a worker could hurt to take unpaid days or not work for other reasons, having the production. All this determines the calculation naturally influences the calculation.

Average earnings - is the amount of payments over the past year that does not include various prizes, lifting and any social benefits, it is divided into 12 months and the average number of days in the month to 29.4. The number resulting from the division is multiplied by the days of rest – that is the formula of calculation used in organizations.

If the employee wants to take vacation after six months, the calculation must take only the last six months. Calculation period excludes only days in which the employee was on sick leave, days of absence the fault of the leadership, or any force majeure. Public holidays are also included in the calculation period.
As a General rule, vacation pay should be accrued no later than 2 weeks before the holiday and paid no later than the last working day.

If in the process of the calculation period or vacation in the organization suddenly changes, for example related to salary increases that are taking place and your position, that average earnings should proindeksirovat, and the remainder of the holiday shall accrue and be paid additionally.
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