First, it should be clarified that the employee who wishes to use sick leave, may do so not earlier than six months after employment. A worker who was dismissed two months later whenthe EMA on the job may receive compensation for this period. That is, when the dismissal of the "standard unit" seniority does not matter (unless he's less than a month).
To count the number of vacation days at termination, review the period from the time whenthe EMA on the work to date. So, when, if in any month the number of days worked was less than 15, then this month you leave not put. Conversely, in the case of more than 15 days worked – laid.
You should also clarify what is included in the seniority. First, it is all the days when you actually when youhave attended in the workplace. Secondly, these are the days of enforced idleness (whenmeasures in the event of late payment of wages). And thirdly, those days when you were absent from work for good inthe rank, but this number of days does not exceed 14.
According to the Labor code, for each calendar year employee is entitled to 28 calendar days of vacation. Thus, to determine the proper number of rest days in one month, you must solve a simple math problem. For the 12 months necessary 28 days, and one month means: 28/12=2.33 day holiday.
If you have additional leave, withmeasures in the case of work in the far North, it is 28 substitute an increased number of vacation days.
Once you have determined the seniority and the proper number of days in one month, the number of vacation days, calculate with the help of multiplication. Onwiththe action, the employee worked for 2 months. He is entitled to an annual paid leave of 28 days. Thus, 2 months*day 2.33=4.66 days. This implies that the worker is allowed 5 vacation days (Fes allows reduction in a big way).