To have an idea if I can do you have to comment on the match or the race, during the broadcast, turn off the sound on the TV, turn on the recorder and try to illuminate what you see on the screen yourself. After listening to the recorded commentary, you will be able with certainty to say whether the will of you a good sports commentator.
Remember that the most important quality you must possess a sports commentator – selfless devotion to the sport, the events in which he highlights. Naturally people always reaching for new knowledge in the field of interest to him, so infinitely loving, for example, a football commentator will tell you about this fantastic and bright. You will act as intermediaries between what happens on the field, and the audience, and this is a big responsibility. The last definitely feels false in that case, if commenting is not a matter of life and merely a means for earning money.
If you have any problems with diction, be sure to get rid of them, because clear speech is very important for the person who is telling thousands of people about what is happening in the world of sports. Most successful commentators at the time, worked with teachers on speech technology. In addition, in this profession can not do without the ability to structure their thoughts and to correctly describe them. In most cases, the outgoing extrovert, who in addition to this many reads, this is no problem.
As a rule, popular sports commentator has a diploma of higher educational institutions on a speciality "Journalism". Some of the currently known commentators in his time came to practice on the sports channel or the editorial staff of such a profile, and stayed to work in this field. Sometimes in this profession do success former athletes, and it's easy to explain. They know all the subtleties and hidden from the eyes of a layman, the nuances in the sport, which were themselves for some time. It is ex-athlete, possessing in addition to its glorious past and even the gift of eloquence, maybe understandable for the average viewer to tell some interesting sports-related facts.
Keep in mind that hardly anyone will come to your home and call for a TV channel as a sports commentator. In order to get a job in one of the sports media, you can send out resumes, going on interviews or, finally, to try yourself as a volunteer at any major sporting event. If you are determined and have the capacity to work as a sports commentator, sooner or later your dream will definitely be realized.