Calcium is absorbed into the blood much faster when the stomach has food. Ie. take calcium either during meals or immediately after meals.
Calcium supplements are recommended to take with plenty of water.
Calcium is best taken in small doses several times a day than one big serving. Small quantities of the drug are absorbed faster and assimilated by the human body.
As a preventive measure calcium it is recommended to take 1-2 times (depending on dosage) per day, preferably in the daytime. For therapeutic purposes the dosage of calcium is determined by a physician.
Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium in human blood. It is contained in dairy products, vegetable oil and butter, seafood, cod liver oil, herring, mackerel. Incidentally, sunlight helps the skin to produce vitamin D. So long walks in the summer, ensure excellent absorption of calcium in human blood.
Modern calcium supplements is presented mainly in three forms of: in the form of effervescent, chewable and conventional tablets. Effervescent forms of drugs have a number of advantages over the other. First, they contain more calcium than other forms. Second, the calcium while taking effervescent tablets dissolve quicker and therefore a faster absorbed into the bloodstream. Chewable tablets are easy use (anytime, anywhere).