Drugsthat contain calcium, take with meals or immediately after it, because it is absorbed more quickly with food. It is best absorbed by the body calcium citrate, calcium lactate, or hydroxyapatite, worse – gluconates of calcium. But bear in mind that if you grind a pill of calcium gluconate will drop in a few drops of lemon juice (powder in this "hiss"), gluconate is converted into calcium citrate, which is completely and rapidly absorbed in the intestine.
Important form of this drug. It can be in the form of solutions, tablets or capsules. Effervescent tablets are dissolved faster and absorbed by the intestine, and chewing – easier to swallow than large.
The daily amount of the drug you need to take, divide it into several doses and always take them with plenty of water.
Many scientists argue that calcium is absorbed better in the evening, after 19 hours, so taking calcium supplements and products with its content, if possible, move in the evening.
By the way, note that caffeine and alcohol impairs the absorption of calcium, so try in that time when taking calcium, do not drink neither tea nor coffee, nor, especially, beverages, containing alcohol. For this reason, you should not drink coffee with a cheese sandwich.
To calcium better absorbed, try to Supplement your diet with foods which has vitamin D, or multivitamins. It is also useful to spend more time outside, especially in summer, when the sun's rays affect the skin, promoting the production of vitamin D.
Some people taking calcium carbonate causes constipation. To avoid this, try simultaneously to consume supplements or products that contribute to enhancing peristalsis of the bowel.
Calcium per day for adults from 880 to 1200 mg. How much you will need depends on your diet and physical activity. Keep in mind that the glut of body calcium as unacceptable as the lack of it. An excess of this substance, according to the researchers, increases blood clotting, which is dangerous for people with heart disease. In addition, excess calcium can Deposit on the walls of blood vessels, affecting their elasticity and clearance, like cholesterol plaques. So try to take this drug exactly in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. And even better to consume calcium in the composition of foods.
Most calcium is found in dairy products and in eggs, chocolate, cabbage of all varieties, spinach, almonds, sesame seeds.