It is a healthy person not complaining about the lack of calcium, must comply with the daily dose of this trace element, depending on their age. Children up to 3 years, the intake of calcium is only possible under strict medical supervision. To 8 years the daily dose is 1000 mg, from 8 to 18 years 1300 mg adults-1000 mg.

How to take calcium

Choosing vitamins with calcium, you should pay attention to the annexed manual. Calcium in its pure form can not be consumed, as it is trudnosmyvaemye element.

To maintain good condition of bones and teeth, you can eat foods containing calcium. Such as milk, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, and meat. In this case the absorption of calcium by the organism increases in several times. An excellent tool for normalizing the levels of calcium in the body is also eggshell. You need to take it in powdered form once a day 1. The dosage is 3/4 teaspoon.

Vitamins and calcium

For the replenishment of calcium in the body can use special vitamin complexes, which is better to choose a doctor, taking into account individual characteristics. But you can do it independently, taking into account the main rule in the composition of a good vitamin complex with calcium should be the vitamin D. Without this vitamin calcium is not absorbed. Vitamin D increases the chances calcium absorption to 37%.

There is another myth: if every day to stay in the sun 15 minutes, with the help of sunlight people get vitamin D), it is possible without fear to use calcium, so it will start easier to absorb. Unfortunately, this is not true!

In addition, pharmacies are now represented by a large number of calcium products in different kinds - carbonate, phosphate, chloride, citrate, gluconate. The last 2 option is preferable, they are better absorbed by the body.

In the market you can find calcium in both normal and in effervescent tablets, the Best absorption of calcium is achieved in the second case. But this form is not recommended for people having problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Vitamin complexes with calcium

The most popular use today for domestic and foreign preparations, which consists of several calcium salts and vitamin D. among the best it is possible to allocate Vitrum calcium + vitamin D3, Calcemin - made in the USA, Calcium D3 Nycomed – Norway. Russian Mountain calcium-D3 (BAD), Kaltsid, Complivit Calcium D3. From children's medicines - Kalinova (Slovenia) in tablets and in powder form for the preparation of suspension - Complivit Calcium D3 for kids (Russia).

Complivit Calcium DZ

It is biologically active additive, which has more than 10 minerals. Vitamin complex helps eliminate mineral deficiencies, and to improve the appearance of nails, skin.

Homeopathic remedy

It contains large amounts of calcium and vitamins promote calcium absorption (vitamin D, copper). Helps regulate calcium metabolism.


A natural product designed primarily for women after 40 years. This source of calcium is effective in strengthening bones and joints. It restores the violation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, prevents the development of osteoporosis.