You will need
  • - consultation of the doctor.
It is very important to compensate for the deficiency of minerals and compound fractures and also in older people and the elderly, as with age, the bones lose the ability to have a full recovery, becoming more loose and fragile. This disease is called osteoporosis, he is the cause of most fractures in older people, that are very difficult to treat.
With increased fragility of bones plays an important role proper nutrition, the use of food products rich in minerals. However, products are not always able to compensate for the deficiency of minerals in the body. In this case, there is a need to accept preparations containing calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
The body is a complex mechanism where all the interrelated processes, so it is not necessary to limit the intake of trace elements, only calcium supplementation. Of course, he plays the most significant role in the recovery of bone after fracture, but for the correct effect on the cells of the connective tissue and the body needs magnesium.
This mineral is also important for the recovery of the bones was faster. In addition to these minerals, we also need vitamin D – it improves the absorption of products containing calcium and magnesium.
You can not do without zinc, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid – all of them are somehow involved in the construction of bones. Some of the minerals can provide adequate nutrition. The calcium contained in dairy products, cheese, sprouts, spinach, almonds and sesame seeds.
To make up for lack of magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D to eat bananas, oily sea and river fish, wholemeal bread, salad. Source of b vitamins are meat products, eggs, vegetables and cereals.
From the diet should exclude fatty and sugary foods as fat and sugar reduce the absorption of calcium. The leaching of calcium from the bones helps the caffeine which contains in coffee, strong tea, chocolate and soda as well as alcohol.
To fill the lack of trace elements it is best to choose a multivitamin and minerals with a high content of calcium, for example, "Calcium D3 Nycomed", "Vitrum Calcium" in conjunction with "Magne B6".
Different pharmaceutical companies, there are various dietary Supplements with a high content of calcium, which is also useful for fracture. The disadvantages of the supplements include a fairly high cost. If you can not accept them, you can do a calcium Supplement, combined with fish oil.
It is an effective drug "Calcium gluconate", at a very affordable price. But we should not forget that the treatment must be prescribed by a doctor – it may be that some of the calcium supplements specific to the patient can not accept, because they have contraindications.
On the advice of the doctor for the speedy recovery of bone after fracture you can use the tools of folk medicine. To do this, use eggshells, crushed into powder and mixed with lemon juice and fish oil in the ratio 1:1:1, it is helpful to eat foods rich in collagen.