The lack of calcium have a negative effect not only on appearance but also on overall health. To most accurately determine a lack of this vitamin will help the analysis of blood serum. But often the lack of calcium you can find in appearance, in particular, deterioration of hair, nails and teeth.

Products – sources of calcium

Daily calcium necessary to fully meet the need in this element is 800-1200 mg. For the treatment of calcium deficiency, you can replenish your diet certain foods. The most calcium rich dairy products. In particular, the high content of this element in low-fat milk, hard cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir. In addition, a lot of calcium is contained in broccoli and other types of cabbage, peas, lentils, salmon, sardines, cheese, tofu, almonds, poppy and sesame. These products are recommended to complement every meal.

For the treatment of deficiency of calcium you can use egg shells – it is 90% consists of the desired item. For this purpose the shell should be cleaned from the films, rinse with water, dry and grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder can be added in small amounts in ready meals.

What to do to calcium absorb

The important role played by the bioavailability of calcium in foods. So it is well absorbed, requires some additional factors. For example, for normal absorption of calcium by the body it is necessary that the food contained a small amount of fat and protein. All these requirements correspond to dairy products.

For the full assimilation of essential vitamin D3, which promotes calcium absorption. You can get it, just spending more time outside since the production of vitamin D3 promotes the sunlight.

Some foods hinder the absorption and assimilation of calcium by the body or contribute to its active washout. These include coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol, spinach and sorrel. From the use of these products with calcium deficiency should be abandoned.


If you replace the missing calcium with food is not possible, you can take specialized vitamins or complexes. To choose this drug is best to consult a doctor who can recommend the best option. Typically, the calcium is already supplemented with vitamin D3. It is also worth noting that some vitamin items hinder the absorption of calcium. These include magnesium and potassium: to take them simultaneously with calcium should not be.