You will need
  • - calcium supplements;
  • - foods rich in calcium;
  • - olive oil.
The woman after forty years of age need 1,000 mg of calcium daily. If you experience frequent headaches, pain in the legs or lower back, cramps, insomnia or drowsiness, often suffer from colds, consult your physician. You draw the line on General and biochemical blood analysis, on the basis of which to judge the lack of calcium in the body.
If the tests showed a significant calcium deficiency, the doctor will recommend drugs based on it. This files most often is assigned to the drug under the trade name "Calcium D3 Nycomed", "Calcimin", "Calcite", "Calcium Active" or others.
All drugs have high bioavailability, but their uncontrolled use is undesirable. But if you have found a low level of estrogen or a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, thyroid gland, without synthetic drugs to make up for the calcium you will not succeed. Also rational use of calcium supplements, if you often drink non-steroid or diuretic drugs.
If serious diseases it is not revealed, instead of calcium daily in the diet include sesame not less than 100 g, in which the content of calcium is equal to 1200 mg. of Swiss cheese in 100g contains 1000 mg of calcium, that is, as much as is required for a woman after 40 years.
Covers the daily requirement of calcium, 200 g cheese, 300 g of sunflower seeds, 300 g of sardines in oil 330 g of whole condensed milk, 450 g of fresh parsley, 600 g of dried apricots, 700g of beans, 400 g of milk 250 g of cottage cheese.
If you systematically consume foods rich in calcium, the intake of synthetic drugs or dietary supplements do not need. Besides, getting calcium from foods, you run the risk of its overdose. All calcium-rich foods use olive oil, which contains large amounts of vitamin E, is conducive to better its absorption.