Take calcium, drinking plenty of water. Because of this, the tablet will quickly dissolve and reaching the bowel, instantly absorbed. Pre-grinding tablets accelerate the effect, moreover, to drink powder would be easier than swallowing a big pill.
Drink calcium gluconate immediately after eating. In this case, it metabolizes much faster, so the effect of taking will be noticeable soon after initiation of therapy.
Fraction of the daily dose into several intakes. An excessive amount of calcium entering the body, are excreted by the kidneys, so it is advisable to take it in small doses, which are absorbed completely.
Walk as much as possible. Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium assimilation. Deficiency of this vitamin makes taking calcium containing preparations is useless. In the cold season when there is almost no sun, it is recommended that simultaneous administration of calcium gluconate and vitamin D.
Take 2-6 tablets of calcium gluconate three times a day. For infants, maximum single dose is 0.5 g, i.e. one tablet. Children up to 4 years appointed for 2 tablets at once, and preschoolers 3. In 7-9 years, the doctor is likely to recommend take 4 tablets of calcium at a time, and the maximum dose for Teens - 5 tablets. The exact dosage depends on the severity of calcium deficiency, so only a doctor can decide what dose is right for you.