What factors affect calcium absorption in the body

In the body, calcium is absorbed in the small intestine and colon provided normal functioning of the intestinal epithelium cells. To absorb the macronutrients vitamins D, C, magnesium, lactose, and iron. Best the body to absorb calcium from dairy products: low-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese, milk, kefir, yogurt, cheese, fermented baked milk. This macronutrient is also contained in large amounts in fish, shellfish, nuts, sprouts, seeds, legumes. A lot of calcium is present in egg yolks, figs, apples, honey, apricots, raspberries, black currants, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, garlic, celery.

The absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract reduces stress, decreased acidity of gastric juice. Reduce the assimilation of macronutrients carbonated drinks, excess contents in food of phosphates and fats, some drugs. Regular coffee consumption increases calcium excretion by the kidneys. Absorption of macronutrients prevents the aspirin and oxalic acid. Moreover, the interaction of calcium ions with oxalic acid formed insoluble compounds that accumulate in the kidneys in the form of stones.
Calcium is poorly absorbed by the body after alcohol abuse.

The consequences of calcium deficiency in the body

Due to poor absorption of calcium in the body may develop a deficiency of this microelement. In this case, a person has violations of various body functions: cramping calf muscles, constant muscle spasms, joint pain, drowsiness, constipation, tooth decay, brittle nails, hair loss, abnormal heart rhythm, osteoporosis, the appearance of nervousness. Feature of calcium is the time that effective learning must enter the body in ionic form. However, the many products this macronutrient is in molecular form. So even eating regularly necessary products, the human body can not make up for the deficit. In this case, it is necessary to drink products that contain calcium.
To take calcium tablets before meals or after a light snack.

Drugs (eg, calcium gluconate) should be taken only on prescription, since an excess in the body of this macronutrient can cause harm. Foods that contain a lot of calcium and pills to this macronutrient is necessary during pregnancy, lactation, in children, in active sports.