The ratio of calcium and vitamin D in the product

The difference of calcium salts occurs between the content of this trace element. The more of it is in carbonate, which is included in virtually all manufactured medicines calcium.

In addition to the main trace element, the medium should contain in its composition vitamin D in the required amount. To take calcium without vitamin D is absolutely pointless. Vitamin D provides a full absorption in the intestine and the consumption of bone tissue.

The best ratio is: 500 mg calcium and 200 mg of vitamin D3. People, aged over 45 years is recommended a day to consume 800 mg or more of vitamin D. Therefore, for this age group topical preparations, with the ratio Sa 500 mg and 400 mg of vitamin D.

The choice of drug of calcium

When selecting funds, the most important is not the price, and the study of dosage and the composition of the package. There are calcium salts, the absorption of which is better than others. In any case, it is necessary carefully to study the manual.

If the drug is registered lactate or calcium citrate, you can buy it without hesitation. These substances are well absorbed in the body. Worse is the absorption of calcium gluconate. But its usefulness can be increased if to crush the pill and drip a few drops of lemon. Through these manipulations, the calcium goes into that form, which is absorbed in the gut.

Absorption of calcium carbonate is much slower than other forms. However, it is good for the body this does not become less. Examples of quality calcium supplements can be: "Vitacalcin", "Callprison", "Upsavit calcium" and "calcium Additive".

To funds on the basis of this form of calcium had a high efficiency, need special technology in their manufacture. Manufacturers are not always used, so there is a risk to buy a defective product.

Identify fraud is simple. Tablet tools must be immersed in a glass with vinegar. If within 30 minutes occurred its complete dissolution –it means the drug quality.

Intake of trace elements of calcium per day for an adult is 800 to 1200 mg. If a person regularly consumes dairy products and other products containing calcium, the consumption rate can be reduced by 50%. It is important to observe these quantities and to prevent overdose.