Dosage of calcium gluconate depends on the age of the patient and indications for use. Child under the age of often prescribed one tablet. Children 1-4 years − two. The dose for a child 4-7 years of age, increase to 3 tablets at a time. Younger students − up to 4. If the drug is assigned to a teenager, cook 5 tablets at one time. The dosage for an adult is usually 6 tablets.
For better absorption of calcium crush the tablet before use. In this case, the drug is faster absorbed into the blood, so the treatment effect will appear sooner.
Take calcium gluconate for 1-1,5 hours before eating. Wash down tablets with plenty of fluids, preferably milk.
Drink calcium gluconate twice a day. At strong deficiency of the trace element increase the reception frequency to three times a day.
In some cases shown intramuscular injections of calcium gluconate. The dosage is usually 5-10 ml, 1 times a day or every other day. Inject the medication slowly to avoid the development of tissue necrosis.

In Pediatrics intramuscular administration of calcium gluconate is not practiced. With the ineffectiveness of oral medication shown intravenous injection at a dosage of 1 to 5 ml every 2-3 days.
When supplementation is important not only dosage, but also compliance with certain conditions. Absolutely calcium is not absorbed without vitamin D, so make them be complex. Spend more time on the street, especially in clear weather. Sunlight helps produce vitamin D in the body.
Do not take calcium gluconate simultaneously with iron preparations, cardiac glycosides and tetracycline antibiotics. Calcium neutralizes their effect, and in some cases can even cause undesirable effects.
During treatment, monitor the level of calcium in the urine. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid the development of nefrourolitiaz.
In case of Allergy, stop treatment with calcium gluconate. If you experience adverse symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, constipation, etc.) or cardiovascular system (arrhythmia, bradycardia, decrease in blood pressure), consult a doctor to adjust the dose.