Advice 1: How to get a nursing certificate

To obtain a nursing certificate, you need to get the direction, pay and finish special courses, and successfully pass exams.
How to get a nursing certificate
You will need
  • - Russian passport and its copy;
  • - diploma from a medical school and its copy;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - if there was a change of name, need a photocopy of the document certifying change of name.
  • Foreign citizens need an apostille national passport or notarized photocopy of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation; apostille of diploma certified by a notary. Other documents similar.
Direction. To obtain a certificate of medical nurse, you first need to contact the institution where you work, they have to give you a referral for a paid refresher course. Usually medical institutions have already agreed to a specific centers for professional development and sends its workers there.
Payment courses. In most cases, the user is interested in training its employees and pays for these courses. If the administration refuses to pay, you can offer a compromise – you pay for courses, and the management makes you a wage premium. If you are only going to get to work, to look for a suitable educational establishment and pay training need.
Where to take courses. A certificate is issued in various institutions of secondary professional education is medical colleges and colleges; and institutions of postgraduate education is of different centers and faculties for advanced training of employees.
How are the courses. Paid training is held in for 1-3 months and then need to successfully pass the exam qualifications. Depending on direction, each nurse can get one of 12 different certificates of specialization. In order to get some of them need more training, that is the primary specialty. For other may be required to provide the exam according to the qualification.
Certificate nurses is a document specialist of state standard, which is granted only to persons with secondary medical education and specialty in Nursing and successfully passed the trip training course exam proficiency testing. Certificate nurses is a mandatory document for professional medical activity, it actually means that the certificate – permit to work as a nurse.
Useful advice
The obtained certificate is valid for 5 years, then you need to re-confirm their qualifications to pass the exam and obtain a new certificate of a nurse.

Advice 2 : How to get a medical certificate

In the modern world in order to be able to engage in any activity, you need to have a certificate specialist. To graduate from the medical institution and obtain a diploma is not enough in order to engage in professional activities, must undergo a mandatory certification process. That is , the certificate would be evidence matching your knowledge and skills.
How to get a medical certificate
Remember that any medical certificate of a specialist is valid for five years, after which you must re-confirm the right to work in this specialty. Each medical Academy organized certification cycles, the nature of the improvement for professionals working at least one year. The duration of the course on thematic improvement must be not less than 144 hours.
Write a statement addressed to the head physician with the request to allow you to pass the course. Remember that the staffing of the certification cycles correlated with the need of healthcare institutions in the training of employees. If you are in need of primary specialization, be aware that the Department of health and your health care facility can contract with the faculty about training you as a professional.
Grant to the Academy the relevant documents. Please note that the certification Commission of the medical institution is obliged to consider the application and other your documentation within 1 month. At the time of submission of documents to check the requirements of the certification fee and the nature of the certification cycle. Then identify topics for self-study (they should be about 1/3 of the curriculum), coordinate this with the curator of the cycle.
Upon completion of training, be ready to endure the certification exam, after successful completion of which you are entitled to expect to receive the required certificate. Without examination a certificates expert issued only to doctors on the basis of submitted documents.

Advice 3 : How to get category nurse

A nurse's job is very difficult. Regardless of the place of work. First of all, the main vocation of the nurse is to be merciful. But charity is the ethical category. As for professional level, it is necessary to improve within a certain time to get the category and as a consequence - an increase in pay.
How to get category nurse
To learn the profession nurses should receive basic secondary education in a medical school. The diploma will allow you to get a job, but education does not end. Every five years, nurses come to training courses, which are the "first step" to getting category. If you have decided that you need a category, read the instructions very carefully.
You should know that to obtain category II work experience in the specialty shall be not less than three years, I – at least five, top – eight. However, in some cases with the appropriate recommendations of the administration of the institution and considering the high professional level of the certification Commission may take a decision about the certification of the employee without presentation of requirements to the work experience. You can use this situation to get the categories ahead of time.
After passing the training courses you must submit the certification Commission the following documents: an application addressed to the Chairman of the Commission, a certification sheet, the report on the work over the past year, approved by the head of the medical institution. Within three months the documents will be examined and you will get access to the next stage.
You need to prepare for the qualifying exam, held in the form of an interview or a system of tasks. After passing the exam, the certification Commission will make the decision on awarding you a certain category, which during the month will be announced by order of the chief medical and sanitary service.
Having received their certificate and verifying that the entry in the workbook about the assignment you made, you can think about further upgrades, but not earlier than in a year of fruitful work for the benefit of their patients.
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