You will need
  • - Russian passport and its copy;
  • - diploma from a medical school and its copy;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - if there was a change of name, need a photocopy of the document certifying change of name.
  • Foreign citizens need an apostille national passport or notarized photocopy of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation; apostille of diploma certified by a notary. Other documents similar.
Direction. To obtain a certificate of medical nurse, you first need to contact the institution where you work, they have to give you a referral for a paid refresher course. Usually medical institutions have already agreed to a specific centers for professional development and sends its workers there.
Payment courses. In most cases, the user is interested in training its employees and pays for these courses. If the administration refuses to pay, you can offer a compromise – you pay for courses, and the management makes you a wage premium. If you are only going to get to work, to look for a suitable educational establishment and pay training need.
Where to take courses. A certificate is issued in various institutions of secondary professional education is medical colleges and colleges; and institutions of postgraduate education is of different centers and faculties for advanced training of employees.
How are the courses. Paid training is held in for 1-3 months and then need to successfully pass the exam qualifications. Depending on direction, each nurse can get one of 12 different certificates of specialization. In order to get some of them need more training, that is the primary specialty. For other may be required to provide the exam according to the qualification.