The ribs of the skeleton are not merely a composite part, but a kind of "shield , that is protection for all internal organs of the chest. That is why the crack edges must be treated with due care. The most important thing - fixing. If you after injury have tenderness in the Breasts (pain when breathing, chest pains when walking etc.), then go to the hospital as soon as possible. Provide the maximum stiffening of your chest. Visit your doctor and he will put casts or offer to wear a hard splint made in accordance with x-rays of your chest. The duration of wearing it, the doctor determines individually: it depends on the extent of the crack depth, the availability of offsets, the age of the patient, etc.
If the treatment of the crack is not in the hospital and at home, provide yourself with maximum comfort: do not make sudden movements, don't lift weights and follow a balanced diet. Regarding the latter, consume more food products containing substances that promote the formation of cartilage: eat more fish aspic. Once formed the cartilage layer in place of the crack bones, enter in your diet foods rich in calcium (dairy products, eggs, meat). This will contribute to a more rapid fusion of the injured ribs.
Calcium without vitamin D the body to absorb very hard, therefore, purchase this Supplement at the pharmacy and use according to indicated on the package dosage. After the formation of the cartilage layer at the bone, eat more nuts and also include in your diet all kinds of cabbage – these foods contain phosphorus is also necessary for bone repair. Try more walk in the fresh air, especially if stand Sunny days!