Injury disrupted the integrity of the bone. In dislocation of torn capsule and ligaments, which leads to dramatic tension, changes the ratio of the articular surfaces and blocks movement in the injured place.
The fracture is characterized by the movement disturbed the integrity of bone. If the injury led to an open fracture, the bone fragments can be viewed through the damaged skin. At the site of injury appears severe swelling and bruising, after a while, they spread across the surface of the limb. When tapped, the patient feels a sharp pain.
The dislocation is characterized by pain in the joint. It changes its form, there is severe swelling. When probing you may find that the uneven surface of the joint, bulges are located at a small distance from each other.
The most obvious distinguishing feature is the fact that in dislocation never changes the shape and length of the limb, as there is only the displacement of the joints. Injury often changed the shape and length, especially if the fracture is characterized by the offset and divergence of the bone. However, when the dislocation is swelling spreads to whole the injured joint, while the fracture swelling appears directly above the site of injury and only after a considerable period of time extends to the whole joint.
Dislocation and fracture is a serious injury. Do not attempt to straighten the injured limb. Take victim immediately to the emergency room. Only the surgeon on the basis of the results of the survey can supply accurate and reliable diagnosis. Any form of injury to the patient will conduct x-rays, that with 100% certainty will show the presence of a dislocation or fracture.
On the injured surface will impose a pressure bandage or plaster. If diagnosed with an open fracture with displacement, the treatment will prescribe inpatient.