To determine whether the edge is broken the person just by looking at the damage to his chest, quite difficult. Accurately identify the presence or absence of a fracture is only one way – by making an x-ray of the chest. Suspect a rib fracture is still possible on several grounds.
If after the trauma of the chest, you felt a sharp pain in the chest, which becomes even stronger when touching the injured place, it is likely that you have a broken rib or two. Moreover, pain and discomfort in the chest area can increase the traffic and to subside in a sitting position.
Chest pain in the rib fracture may worsen with a deep breath, sneeze or cough. Man with a broken rib can be painful to laugh, and sometimes to speak.
To determine whether the broken rib, it is possible to observe the behavior and condition of the person. Rib fracture is accompanied, as a rule, a violation of not only breathing, but also heart rate. The skin may be pale and acquire a bluish tint.
When rib fracture on the injured area of the chest may appear bruising and swelling. The movement of the person with a broken rib become inhibited.
The displacement of the fragments of broken ribs is very rare. To suspect you may the emergence of pneumothorax (accumulation of air in the pleura), manifested by dyspnea, weak shallow breathing, cyanosis of the skin. If in addition to these manifestations you notice signs of internal bleeding (dizziness, weakness and drop in blood pressure), then the wreckage of the broken ribs damaged blood vessels.
Hemoptysis can develop in the case, if debris damaged the ribs can injure the tissue of the lungs.