Before you determine your body type, remember some important information. There is a perception that people with severe bone, usually full-bodied. However, it is not so. The width of the bone to a greater extent plays a visual role than it is a sign of the tendency to be overweight.
People with big-boned structure of the body have broader hips, chest, shoulders and relatively short legs. That is why, even if a person with this body type has no extra fat on the outside he still looks thin.
Whether you belong to this type, you can use the definition of "index Solovyov". All you need to do is measure the circumference of your wrist. Heavy bone mostly in people, the girth of the wrist which exceeds the following parameters:
- 17 cm for women;
- 20 cm for males.
If you are centimeters, to measure the bone is possible even in an easier way. To do this, simply clench your right hand fingers of the left hand. Girth to do with your thumb and forefinger. If you got it and fingers closed, to belong to the category of people with severe bone not worth it. If between the fingers leaves a gap and can't connect, then your body type that is big-boned.
To determine the type of bones can by comparison. Enough to put next to two people with different body type and try to understand the reasons for the visual difference. People with mild and narrow bone have a more delicate proportions than the representatives of the big-boned type.