There are jobs for which health fingers or feet plays a significant role in professional well-being and career. This can include professional athletes, dancers of different styles, musicians, programmers, compositors – the list could be very long. And for the average person important, timely medical care, which will allow to avoid many problems.To determine the possible fracture of a finger of an arm or leg it is important to remember the circumstances and mechanism of injury, examine the victim and only then make the decision. But best of all at the first opportunity to address to the traumatologist or the surgeon who will conduct the inspection professionally and give direction on x-rays of the injured limb, which can eliminate all the problems.
Most often, a fracture occurs when you fall of a massive heavy object on the hand or foot (there is a crushing of the bone), with a twisting motion (there is a comminuted fracture), and much less at direct hit (there is a simple fracture or welding debris at each other).
During the inspection, the victim complains of severe pain at the site of injury, inability of motion, swelling or hematoma, with maximum manifestation of these phenomena possible a few hours after the injury. When you try feeling the fracture site patient complains of increased pain, but when you try pulling the damaged finger or tap it on the tip there is a sharp unbearable pain. Often under the skin it is possible to probe at least one or more fragments, and their displacement can be quite large due to the strong tendons of the muscles of the limbs.
Edema and hematoma continues to grow for several hours after the injury, and the next morning damaged a finger often is like a hot dog, or sausage, and the patient noted a gradual increase in the intensity of pain, after the broken finger, the blood and the swelling can not significantly shift above the place of the joint, which is located above the fracture.
That is why the increase in pain, increase in edema of the individual phalanges of the fingers, the development of a strong hematoma consultation of traumatologist and radiography of the affected limb, which will help to establish the diagnosis.