Remember that a broken nose is always accompanied by bleeding, sometimes profuse. One should not forget that not in all cases, a nosebleed means that the nose is broken.
Touch the nose. If you felt a pronounced pain syndrome, it could be a sign that the nasal bone is broken. In this case, you must urgently seek medical care.
As a rule, when the fracture of the nasal bones, a strong swelling in the field of application of impact. Over time, you may also bruises under the eyes, they are called a symptom of "points".
Please note on the nose. It can change form, there is a displacement or retraction. Nasal breathing at this point can become difficult in the most severe cases, even impossible).
At the first suspicion on a fracture of the nasal septum, be sure to deliver the victim in medical institution. Diagnosis of fracture of the nose begins with a medical examination, which reveals the nature of the injury.
By visual inspection the doctor can determine the change of shape of the nose and edema at the point of impact. Palpation (feeling) may be determined crepitus fragments (crunch) as well as pronounced pain.
If there are no visible signs of displacement of the nose, of the victim for the accuracy of the diagnosis should be sent for x-rays of the nasal bones in lateral projection. After further diagnosis (offset or not) the issue of conducting the reposition of the bones (that is, "reposition", installation of fragments of bones in place) and the further course of treatment.