Any injury accompanied by pain. But, regardless of the strength of its manifestation, at first it is difficult to distinguish injury from the fracture. However, increased pain when moving, for example, a limb may be a sign of violation of integrity of bone. In this case it is better to immobilize the injured body part and immediately seek medical help.
As a result of trauma (injury or fracture) appears redness and swelling. They are associated with damage to blood vessels and hemorrhage. Since these symptoms are General, to assume for him a fracture is possible only by following symptom.
Disorder of mobility is the main symptom of fracture. For example, when damage to the bones of the lower extremities to try to stand on a broken leg would be impossible. Moreover, the slightest movement will bring increased pain.
At fracture of bones of the upper extremities are also marked disturbance of motor activity and the inability to capture any subject. In the case of injury, if it is not associated with damage to the joint, most often occurring only pain and soft tissue swelling.
To fracture the characteristic unnatural mobility at the site of injury. From the friction of broken bones may receive a crunching (crepitus), which is when the injury does not happen. Also, upon fracture, especially if a bone is located close to the skin, for example, on the wrist or lower leg, you may receive curvature: the ledge or trough.
Any injury that led to the violation of the mobility of a particular part of the body, can be regarded as a fracture. But to establish it it is possible only with the help of radiological examinations (except in cases with open fracture). Therefore, when the first suspicious symptoms should immediately seek professional medical help.