The healing time of fractures depend on multiple factors, the main of which is the type of fracture. Simple uncomplicated fracture without displacement of the bones will grow together more quickly than comminuted or spiral.
Large bones heal slowly – fracture tibia heal in average for two to three months, whereas a broken wrist bone can grow together in four weeks, and the thumb for 20-25 days. It is not a complete healing – within a specified time only occurs the formation of callus and the regeneration of bone and complete bone reconstruction usually takes at least three to four months. When multiple fractures of time for treating each injury required more.
Another factor influencing the rate of healing – General condition of the body. Even severe fractures in young healthy people or in children heal much faster than simple fractures in elderly, malnourished or suffering from metabolic disorders.
Slowly accrete fractures of the holders of excess weight and people suffering from chronic diseases, especially inflammatory.
The most serious are hip fractures and spine. When hip fracture patients are forced to be immobile for 6-8 months, and about half of the victims do not restores the activity completely, even for several years after the injury. At the same time, according to statistics, hip fractures in women to heal slower than in men, and a large dependence on age – the older the patient the less likely a full recovery.
Fractures of the spine dangerous spinal cord injuries and a variety of complications that occur even after safely cured injuries. Patients have to be immobile for 3-4 months, but after that physical activity remains banned.
Frequent fractures of the tibia heal in average for 10-12 weeks, but support when walking, patients are still required for several months.
The facial bones, like the toes, heal fairly quickly - in an average of two to three weeks. Relatively quickly coalesce, and the rib – usually healing takes from three weeks to one month, and in uncomplicated and incomplete fractures or fractures of the ribs, patients do not always require hospitalization.
Fractures of the clavicle or ulna are fused for 6-7 weeks, for the restoration of the pelvis takes more time – up to two months.