Dress shawl without a seam

The length and width of the scarf choose according to the desire length and width of the dress. The colors can be any of your choice.

The easiest option for beach dresses: tie the scarf or pareo body just above the breast, and the tips spread to the neck or shoulder and tie.

The scheme of setting a dress out of a handkerchief "Us": take one corner of the handkerchief and tie it on the neck as a tie. Smooth the fabric in the front, wrap around the body and fasten the strap.

Dress with handkerchief side seams and buttons

For dress more complex textures you will need a large handkerchief, belt and 2 buttons.

Measure with a meter the length of the bones in the shoulder to apex of breast. Write down the result. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and cut. Tuck cut edge of 5-10 mm and sew on the machine. Proutyuzhte.

Lay the first piece of fabric on the table. Vertical left and right measure and mark with chalk or a dry piece of soap the length of the arm circumference, which you measured earlier.

With the second piece of fabric do the same thing. Connect the fabric and staple pins from the designated mark. Sew bonded part of the thin seam.

On the upper corners of the back of the dress make loops for the buttons, and on the front sew buttons. Fasten the buttons into the buttonholes. Put on the dress and tie belt. You can not sew on buttons and loops, and just tie the corners.