The tunic dress comfortably. It does not hinder movement. Material for products is required a little. You need to buy a piece, equal to two lengths of future products. It will fit even a narrow fabric width 90 cm If you have a curvy shape, get a trim width of 120-150 cm

Take a basis t-shirt

If you have a pattern model, that's fine. If not, it's not a problem. Take a shirt that fits you freely is not obtiva. If you don't have one, take her from her husband, who is bigger than you.

Fold the piece of fabric face-to-face in half along the width. Attach a t-shirt, straightened her sleeves, however with cloth pins. Extend the shirt down to the desired length by drawing two vertical lines with a ruler. Cut along the contours of the shirt and extending lines of fabric, leaving the seam allowance to 1 cm, and bending the bottom 3 cm Cut on the back, as this part of the neckline less. Wait until this detail to the side, take a cut a shelf (in front). Pin to the top of the detail of the neck of the shirt, cut it. The remaining part of the leave the same as you have them crushed before.

Out of the remaining fabric make 2 patch pockets. For this cut two pieces the size of 17х20 see Take a piece of cardboard 15х17 see Put it pocket detail, smoothen the edges. Will attrocity top pockets. Sew them on the sides of the shelves.

You need to cut out the facing for the registration gate. Attach the front and back of the neck to the remnants of the fabric. Draw around them, cut out the facing width 2.5 cm

Fold face to face the front and the back, sew them along the sides. Will attrocity edge cap sleeves. Sew the facing front and back between the sides. Attach this item to the front of the neck, sew, athlete seam. Flip the facing to the wrong side was on the wrong part of the neck, fold the edge of the hem facing.

The bottom pull up on hands or prostrochite on a typewriter. The latter option will make it easier to sew the tunic dress. Press open the seams, the product is ready.

With pattern or without

If there is no t-shirt, draw a pattern on the transparent paper, cut out these 2 pieces and attach to fabric and similarly cutting, sew. If there is no pattern, obmerte hips, divide this figure in half, add 6 cm Draw a rectangle the desired length (it is equal to the length of the tunic), its width – just received figure.

Upstairs in the middle of the small sides of the rectangle draw round the cut. Further, the line of the shoulders. It is extended laterally at 18, down to 15 cm, then goes back to the rectangle horizontally Turned 18 cm sleeve length 18, width 30 cm (15 and 15). This is detail of the front. Similarly, take the detail back, making a not so deep neck.