Take 2 beautiful shawl. Pick a color scheme to your liking. You can take plain scarves, but you can motley the same, you can even use two completely different shawl. Apply them to yourself. Now mark where you will pass the line of the shoulders. The rest of the fabric, which goes through the neck would need to bend and iron. It will be an interesting so-called collar. The shoulders will need to do the stitching around 10-15 cm If you wish to get more original stuff instead of stitches can be adapted decorative buttons.
Again you need to make the product yourself. Now the goal is to determine the position of the side seams. They, unlike the seams on the shoulders, can be of different lengths. It all depends on your desire. In order to make a loose tunic, will make the seam from the chest line to the waist is about 10 cm If you want your tunic was more closed, then sew the product directly from the armpit to the leg. This version of the tunic designers are advised to Supplement the belt. It can be decorative, leather or fabric in the color of the tunic.
Simple tunic you can sew and not the only way. Try to do the pattern from the magazine. To do this remove the following measurements: the width of the tunic, length and waist circumference. Then you need to take a rectangular canvas. Choose a suitable silhouette of the tunic and start cutting. Cut the product. But note that from the line you must make allowances 1.5-2 cm Sew on the machine side seams. Sewn with overlock edge, isdee. Therefore, you must treat the bottom of the tunic and sleeves. Allowances need to press to the back of the product. The neck also needs to be processed. You can do this with bias binding. Decorate the product according to their tastes.