To avoid expulsion from the University, do not need to let the situation slide. If you are sick and can not attend the Institute, you must supply the Dean's office know. Otherwise, you deem the worst truants and expelled without warning.

The reason for the expulsion from the educational institution can be a financial debt. If you are studying on a commercial basis and pay tuition on a quarterly basis, check whether your payments at the expense of the University. Quite often in time the payment made is just "hangs" somewhere in the labyrinths of the banking system, and responsible student appears in the list for elimination.

If you have problems with academic performance, and you feel that you can not pass the session, you have several solutions:
- you can take academic leave, to go back to school next year on the same course, which took. To go in academic leave a student may once.
- you can transfer to an adjacent compartment, where there are items that you do not pass. But here you may have to take the difference in the curriculum, and your transfer may be effected only if the Department's budget or commercial).

If you already put before the fact that you are expelled, you can try to recover. This rule applies to everyone except students expelled from the first course. To recover at the Institute, write the application addressed to the rector. In the statement specify what the reason was expelled. For example, the reason for the expulsion was due to extensive absences. Specify the cause of these omissions.

If you were forced to support their families or disabled relatives, attach to the application a certificate of family composition, income of family members, about the health of family, their reference work.