You will need
  • - the application addressed to the rector.
Write the application addressed to the rector. In the upper right corner of the page, specify the position, name and initials of the head of your school. Name and title are written in the dative case. Below, write: "the student such-that of course" and your surname, name and patronymic. The dot after the middle name is not assigned. Align the header on the right edge. Forms of such statements can be and the Dean of your faculty, so please inquire there.
Start from the "cap" of a few centimeters. Write the word "statement". Usually in such documents it is written with a lowercase letter, and only after it is preceded by a dot. But you can get out of the situation, and otherwise, writing the name of the document in capital letters.
Make a statement. It consists of only one or two sentences. Write that you ask to expel you from the University on their own. Reasons are not required, but not forbidden. As there may be a reluctance to continue training in this specialty, family circumstances, etc.
At the bottom write the date. Leave room for your signature and write in brackets the surname and initials. Print the document, if you printed it on the computer, sign the statement, set the current date and take it to the rectorate. The rector shall be the order. After that, you will be given a workaround, which will need to be signed in the library, in the Dorm, the Dean. After that you will be able to get your hands on the documents submitted to the admissions office. The receipt that you were given when reception is desirable, but in principle, documents can be issued without it.
If you are under eighteen years of age (for example, you learn only in the first year), the administration may require your parents ' consent, because minors are responsible they. Not every rector is required, but be prepared and try to enlist the support of parents.