You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - medical certificate.
For registration of the academic leave , you must write an application addressed to the rector of the institution. Mention the reasons why you need time off. If you take leave in connection with birth of a child, you need to provide a birth certificate.
If there are medical grounds for academic leave you need to the application to provide the opinion of the medical Commission of the need for removal from training. You can get on the grounds of your medical record. Medical certificate form 095-indicates the presence of the disease, in reference 027-will provide information about its severity, and recommendations on discharge from physical exertion and training sessions. This is the set of documents that will give you the right to obtain a sabbatical.
If you take family leave, also need supporting documents. They can be the death certificate of a relative, proof of existence of a serious illness of a close relative and the conclusion about the necessity of caring for them, etc.
After providing all necessary documents to the Dean's office of the institution they will be transferred to the rector on the basis of which the Secretariat will issue the order appointing you to the Academy. It will specify the start and end dates and the reasons for the forced leave.