If it was a good reason, and you have made correctly, a sabbatical, to come to the Institute and to write a letter to the Dean's office. If the documents from the Institute you did not pick up, then get a new certificate of passing the medical Board. Learning can begin with the semester of which you went into a sabbatical.
With the dismissal, you also have the right to restore the Institute. You also need to write a letter to the Dean's office. Having considered the application, you will either be asked to pass all the tails for which you were expelled, and start learning from your semester charges, or to start training from the beginning of the school year. In some universities for restoration at dismissal, enrollment have to pay. We can also offer to go with the budget form of training in a paid form.
As a freshman of the Institute for any reasons you are unable to continue their education, go to College will need on a common basis.