You will need
  • 1. The application addressed to the Dean.
  • 2. The documents used for the original receipt.
To recover in the University, since your contributions must not be longer than 5 years. After this period the matter can try to solve it in the Dean's office. It all depends on the University.
When the expulsion occurs on their own or a valid reason, you have the right to recover on a gratuitous basis (if you are on it, of course, studied). However, this is only possible subject to availability of budget places. For this it is necessary to confirm sufficient cause various kinds of medical reports.
To restore to the University must write a letter to the Dean. Methodologist of the Dean's office will need you to explain in detail how to do it. In addition, the Dean's office to learn the specifics of recovery in your University.
When an application is written, you will need to liquidate the academic debt, if any. Only when you surrender everything to the last debt, you will be able to recover.