First of all, carefully study approved by Decree of RF Government Regulation №543 "About educational institution of secondary professional education" dated July 18, 2003. According to this document, anyone is entitled to recover in College, regardless of the reason for leaving him. The obligatory condition should be the existence of vacant places in the groups.
Examine the Charter of educational institution, details about the procedure and conditions of restoration of the students.
If you are in full compliance with the rules issued academic leave, enough to write a letter to the leadership of the College. If you didn't take your documents, you will require a new certificate of the results of the medical examination. Then you can start learning from that semester, which stopped the training.
Recover College is possible even in the case when you were expelled. To do this, write a statement and send it to management. After reviewing your request, the College will offer either take past tests, or to pass the annual course again.
If the circumstances were such that I had to leave the College at the first year – will need to pass the entrance test.
Wanting to recover in College, you are entitled to keep a paid or free basis of learning, which were previously kicked out, or taking a sabbatical. But this is possible only in the case when the College offers a free vacant places in groups. Do not charge and if you have previously enrolled through state appropriations and were educated for the first time.